October 20, 2019

Payday loan What do you need to use it?

Non-bank loans enjoy considerable interest among consumers, but they still arouse much controversy. First of all, a lot of doubt is manifested in the insecurity of such offers. Payday loans are easily available and only a minimum of formalities is needed to take them, which is why many people are afraid of scams on their data. Do you really need to worry about your safety?


Payday loan – what documents do you need to provide?

Payday loan - what documents do you need to provide?

To better understand security concerns, you must first learn the mechanism for granting loans. They are characterized by a simple credit process and no personal appearance in a branch of a non-bank company. Even if you live in Kalisz, Białystok or Radom, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the offer of a financial institution from Poznań. All this thanks to limiting the entire credit procedure to online activities. What does this mean for the customer? This is a great simplification and, above all, shortening the time between submitting the application and receiving the money. The only documents needed to take payday pay are in most cases an ID card. So how do loan companies protect themselves against fraud?


Spoofing payday loans – truth or myth?

Spoofing payday loans - truth or myth?

Probably everyone has heard the stories of others who are struggling with debts due to loans taken from their data. Until some time ago, non-bank loans were an easy way for scammers to earn money, because all they needed was proof. At the moment, taking payday loans is just as easy, but non-bank companies have introduced effective safeguards, so you can’t borrow money for your data. First of all, proof alone is not enough, because you need to verify your identity using one of the available methods – transfer or the Kontomatik application. What do non-bank companies check ? Are the data from the loan application compatible with those to which the bank account is registered. Even if you have lost your ID, it is not possible for someone to take out a loan for you without having access to your account.


Instant cash payment and security

Instant cash payment and security

Despite different verification methods, some customers are still concerned about the security of their data. This includes the need to log into electronic banking and make a transfer from your account. Instant PESEL is completely secure, because all data processed during verification is supported by an encrypted link, and in addition the company does not store or use it for purposes other than confirming the customer’s identity. Most lenders provide on their website the ” Instant Download – What you need ” tab, where you can find additional information on the verification process and documents checked during the examination of the application.


How to protect yourself from fraud?

How to protect yourself from fraud?

To ensure the maximum sense of security, you can take care of it yourself. Although a loan for someone else’s data is practically impossible, any loss of ID should be reported immediately. Fraudsters are resorting to increasingly sophisticated methods of extorting payday loans , so you can never be sure that someone will not unlawfully use someone else’s data. Before applying to a loan company, you should also check its credibility. The market of non-bank services is developing rapidly, which is why new lenders are appearing every now and then, which are difficult to verify. Before you decide on a cash loan, check the selected institution in the available databases, such as the National Court Register, Registry of Loan Companies or the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The source of valuable information on the lender and its offer can also be online payday loan ranking. There are available opinions of existing customers that will help you make a decision to take advantage of a specific offer. Prudence and caution are the greatest guarantee of security, so do not provide your data on pages that you have doubts about and resign from concluding a contract with unverified companies.